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Jenni Hodgins 2021 (3)

Jenni Hodgins


Heather Worrall

Assistant Principal

Jarrod Main

Assistant Principal

Nicole Pallot

Assistant Principal


7A Michael Caspar
7B Lachlan Cove
7C Michelle Kelly
7D Kentaro Flint
7E Pushpa Prasad
7F Ryan Jemmeson
7G Gavin Kroeger
7H Melissa Andrews
8A Stef Hall
8B Kieran Clutton
8C Robert McCafferty
8D Linda Yang
8E Matthew Green
8F Stuart Kerr
8G Nicola Disenga
8H Nathanael Wenger
9A Carolyn Scott
9B Peter Zwiersen
9C Wayne Agg
9D Andrew Roberts
9E Maddie Fenton
9F Malachi Doyle
9G Sanjay Kumar
9H Tim Miller
10A Julian Tomassoni
10B Jan Townsend
10C Liam Neal
10D Jacqueline Melling
10E Kristianna Davis
10F Mike Dash
Ryan Jones
Matthew Baker
Alex Trickovic
Emily Pratt
Alayna Waite
Chris Lacey
12A Kellie Reid
12B Pat Mooney
12C Ana Marie Tenedora
12D Teri Minnemeyer
12V Joanne Thomson


Junior School Engagement and Wellbeing (Years 7-9) Leader Rebecca Milesi
Senior School Engagement and Wellbeing (Years 10-12) Leader Lyndal Yardas
Transition Lauren Miosku
Year 7 Wellbeing Ryan Jemmeson
Melissa Andrews
Year 8 Wellbeing Stuart Kerr
Sarah Fishwick
Year 9 Wellbeing Peter Zwiersen
Andrew Roberts
Year 10 Wellbeing Jacqueline Melling
Matthew Green
Year 11 Wellbeing Matthew Baker
Alex Trickovic
Year 12 Wellbeing Patrick Mooney
Nathasha Pitipana
VCAL Leader Michael Dash


Teaching and Learning Leader Teri Minnemeyer
Kristianna Davis
Professional Practice Leader Lisa Pizzol
Community Relations Leader Lauren Miosku
Deaf Education Alex Robinson
Arts Domain Leader Bronwen Murray
English Domain Leader Joanne Thomson
Health & Physical Education Domain Leader Lachlan Cove
Humanities Domain Leader Heather Worrall
LOTE (Languages Other Than English) Domain Leader Jodie Linz
Maths Domain Leader Diane Farrell
Science Domain Leader Wayne Agg
Technology Domain Leader Michael Caspar
Enhancement Programs (SEAL, Arts Academy, Sports Academy) Heather Worrall
SEAL (Select Entry Accelerated Learning) Program Leader Carolyn Scott
Mount Erin Arts Academy Director Michelle Kelly
Mount Erin Sports Academy Director Kieran Clutton
Year 9 Program Leader Carolyn Scott
VCAL Leader Michael Dash
Careers & MIPS – Managed Individual Pathways Leader Chris Wood
Daily Organisation Dianne Scully
MESEM (Mount Erin Student Event Management) Jodie Linz
College Sports Coodinator Ryan Jones
Distance Education and Monash University SAMS Lyndal Yardas
Disability and Impairment Coordintor Amanda Craig
Mental Health Practitioner Paula Pinkney
Detention Program Tim Miller
Homework Club Program Kylie Dwyer
Pushpa Prasad
Music Program Mary Whelan
EAL and Literacy Support Rebecca Taylor
VET/VASS Caro Baring


Business Manager Wendy Eames
Accounts Receivable/Reception Erin Gray
Accounts Payable Rosemary Lumley
Finance/HR Assistant Kathy Halliday
Reception/Student Administration George Dunlop
Attendance 10-12 Brooke Majera
Careers Chris Wood
VET/VASS Caro Baring
Librarian Nita Burnett
First Aid/Attendance 7-9 Rosemary Lumley

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