Mount Erin College is committed to providing students with rich and engaging learning experiences that harness the power of learning technologies. Advances in technology have provided new opportunities to connect, to show understanding, to think creatively, to problem solve and to work collaboratively. We believe that students accessing technology through a 1:1 program positively engage them in these learning opportunities and support improved learning outcomes.

Our machines have been rigorously school tested and have been approved by our college board. Modifications have been made to increase the flexibility of computer function and costs for our families. More information can be found in the 1:1 laptop program booklet below or by contacting our Administration Office.

Whilst our notebook program is aimed at incoming Year 7 students, it is available to all students and will be open throughout the school year.


2020-2021 has been some very challenging years for everyone. COVID has had a large impact on how we’ve had to operate as a school and has really revolutionised the way we’ve had to deliver content to students.

We’ve had to make changes to the program to ensure that it can proceed in a safe, but efficient manner.

In previous years, the devices would be delivered directly to the school – The school technicians would setup/image each device then we would arrange for collection on Orientation Day in December. (or handed directly to the student if they are current student)

This year we’ve had to make other arrangements as we cannot host a collection day for the students.

To facilitate this we have changed our procedure to have EduNet image the devices and arrange delivery via AusPost directly to you.

While this process will be new to us, EduNet has had several schools operate this way in previous years and can ensure a smooth delivery.

The machines will arrive to you pre-imaged but not connected to the college domain. This connection will take place during the first day at the College. (or as early as we can organise – We will work with the Year 7 team to make sure this happens as priority but not being disruptive to the students learning.)

This connection will set up a new login profile for your student, that will use their MEC username and password to access.
(These login details will be provided to the students at the time)

You will be given access to the device via a temporary local profile so you can use the machine when you get it, but once the connection to the MEC domain takes place this profile will be disabled.


Edunet is our preferred partner for 2022. Mount Erin College has partnered with EduNet for the last 7 years to supply notebooks towards our 1:1 notebook program. We have found them to be a reliable and reputable company trusted by schools over Victoria.

EduNet is a local education supplier based in Mornington and is committed to providing good quality student notebooks at affordable prices. We support our hardware at every stage of the process and pride ourselves on high quality service.


Important Dates:

  • Orders that are placed by Thursday, 2nd December 2021
    Are expected to be delivered in December for a Pre-Christmas delivery.*

  • Orders that are placed by Thursday, 6th January 2022
    Are expected to be delivered by Day 1, Term 1 2022.

Please Note: EduNet has let us know that lead times may be subject to change due to slowing of the supply chain. While we can expect delivery pre-christmas – EduNet is unable to guarantee this delivery window once stock runs out.


Mount Erin College is committed to providing a wider access to valuable resources & learning opportunities via its current network. Part of this is the development of our BYOD program – providing access to self serve apps and online resources.

We are only able to provide limited support to BYO devices, assisting students to connect to the College wireless network with their BYO device.


For more information, please check out our BYOD Portal.


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