Deaf Education Centre

The ONLY government Secondary Deaf Facility in the South East Victoria Region (SEVR).

The Deaf Education Centre (DEC) at Mount Erin College, provide specialised educational support for students with a hearing loss that is moderate/severe/profound. The centre delivers communication and technological support, including cochlear implants, variety of hearing aids, Roger and Sound Field Systems.


DEC students can enroll from Year 7‐12. Application is open to students with a permanent bilateral sensorineural loss of 40 decibels average across three frequencies or greater. Enrolled students are required to use their technology (hearing aids, Roger, etc.) in classes and utilise support staff.


Having a peer group is very important for our DEC students. This increases overall well‐being and self‐ confidence. As well as having a positive impact on their academic, emotional and cognitive skills.


The DEC has regular audiology visits from Hearing Australia, which all our students have the opportunity to attend. These visits provide a chance to update equipment, such as hearing aid mould fittings and are a point of contact for additional hearing technology support. Our students highly value these sessions.


There are events on offer for our DEC students which supports their education and self‐advocacy development. These occasions provide valuable knowledge of the wider Deaf community. The experiences have included Deaf Sports Days at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, Auslan Interpreted performances and watching captioned movies.

Future Pathways

Our ongoing comprehensive support continues as our students’ progress through their high school years. The DEC works in conjunction with the careers department at Mount Erin College to enable access for our students to many exciting tertiary pathways.

Financial Assistance

The Department of Education and Training provides financial assistance in the form of a conveyance allowance. This helps families with the cost of transporting children to their closest facility, providing that they live more than 4.8km to school. All funded DEC students may have this opportunity provided they live within the South East Victorian Region.


For further information please contact:

Cara Johnston
Head of the Deaf Education Centre and Leading Teacher of the Deaf

PH: (03) 5971 6005

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