End of Year Program – Activities Week 2019

During the last week of Term 4, all Year 7, 8 and 9 students are invited to participate in our special End of Year Activities Program. This program provides opportunities for students to engage in a variety of learning experiences that vary from the regular day-to-day timetable. On each of the 4 days, students will have the opportunity to participate in either a full day or two half day activities.

Important Dates & Information:  

Booking your End of Year Activities:  This year all activity choices for students in Years 7-9 will be booked through the ‘Try Booking’ website.  Parents will need to go onto the site and book the relevant activities they wish their child to attend for each day.  Payment will also be required at this time.  For those activities with maximum nos., once the activity reaches its limit, then you will need to choose another activity.  No refunds will be available once bookings are confirmed.

CSEF Fund:  For those families who have CSEF funds available on their school account, you can book your events as ‘CSEF’ ticket.  Please check your balance with the Administration staff prior to booking your ‘CSEF’ tickets.  If there are insufficient funds on your school account, then your ticket will be refunded and you may miss your place in an activity if it is already full.

Parent/Guardian Permission to attend event:

By booking the activity on ‘Try Booking’, the parent/guardian is confirming to the College that they give permission for their child to attend the activity and gives authority to the Teachers in Charge of the activity, where it is impracticable to communicate with them, to their child receiving such medical or surgical treatment as may be deemed necessary.  They give the assurance of the expectation that their son/daughter will behave in an appropriate manner and to carry out any instructions given by the Teachers in Charge, and agree to meet any expenses involved with any misbehaviour.


Students are required to wear full school uniform and bring their sports uniform to school if they are participating in the sports activities.


Where possible we have tried to keep costs to a minimum, however all external activities require costs for bus transport to and from venues, and some require charges for activities. There are also no-cost options at school to ensure everyone can participate.    


All payments will be made through ‘Try Booking’ website.  https://www.trybooking.com/BHBZT

Final Date for Booking and Payment:

All payments must be completed by Wed , 11 December  2019.


Once your place has been confirmed and you have completed consent and payment, there will be strictly No Refunds or Alterations permitted if students change their mind or don’t attend on the day of the activity for any reason. We have an obligation to pay the full amount of the booking to external providers.


Attendance on these days is not compulsory, however it is necessary to indicate whether your student will be at school or not. You can do so by returning the Non-Attendance slip located at the end of this document. Click here for the Return Slip

Event Information

All information including starting and finishing times, required clothing or safety equipment, etc. will be listed below. Please check this information carefully.

Lunch & Snacks

Students are responsible for bringing their own lunch and snacks to school each day of the activities. The College Canteen WILL NOT be operating. Students on excursions may be able to purchase food or drink from the venues but do so at their own expense. It is definitely okay to bring food with you.

Please consider your decision carefully before booking the activities.

Thank you for your support of our End of Year Program.



[All day] – 50 places max.
Cost: $16.00

Travel by luxury coach to DFO Moorabbin for this all day excursion where you can shop like Kim Kardashian for all your heart’s desires!

Maximum number of students:  50

Christmas Cooking

(At School) [AM] – 25 places max.
Cost: $5.00

Design and create Christmas treats to eat or share with your family or friends.

Learn to Code & Maths Games

(At School) [AM] – Max 25
Cost: Nil

Math games can make learning more fun and engaging. When students play games, they can apply their math skills to new and unique scenarios while building logic and critical thinking skills. They also get a chance to practice math in a way that is fun and appeals to their interests.

CSI – Ghost Writers

(At School) [PM] – 25 places max.
Cost: Nil

Come along to this activity to join the Ghost Writers, a group of crime and mystery writers who will write a creative story using the most up to date forensic information. Learn how to use fingerprint analysis and handwriting analysis to solve a forgery and cyber-crime.

Board games

(At School) [PM] – 25 places max.
Cost: Nil

Challenge your friends to a game!


Team Sports

(At School) [AM] – 25 places max.
Cost: Nil

Join in some team sports chosen on the day by the group!

Luna Park

[All day] -50 places max.
Cost: $40.00

Enjoy a day thrill seeking on new and old rides!

Lego Robots

(At School) [AM] – 25 places max.
Cost: Nil

Become a Master Builder in this hands on lego building workshop!

Xmas Card Making

(At School) [PM] – 25 places max.
Cost: Nil

Spread the joy of Christmas by creating cards and gifts for friends and family!

Paper Planes Film

(At School) [PM] – 25 places max.
Cost: Nil

Come and watch the film PAPER PLANES, then investigate aerodynamics and make your own paper plane! We will hold a competition to see whose plane flies further than the rest!


HOYTS (Movies)

[AM] – 50 places max.
Cost: $20.00

See the latest film at HOYTS Frankston before anyone else and enjoy the comfort of reclining chairs!

Evil Elf on the Shelf and Chrsitmas Fun

(At School) [AM] – 25 places max.
Cost: Nil

What more can we say!

Woodwork – Build a Bee Hotel

(At School) [PM] – 25 places max.
Cost: Nil

Unlike birds, bees don’t need you to get out your hammer and saw and spend an afternoon in the shed. Bee hotels are much easier to make than bird houses. Native Australian bees are mostly solitary and build their nests in existing environments like hollow logs, holes in trees, burrows in the ground and hollows in dead plants. They will even set up house in cracks in building walls.Build your bee hotel and take it home for your backyard!

Theatre Sports

[PM] – 25 places max.
Cost: $Nil


Victoria Market

[All day] – 50 places max.
Cost: $15.00

Enjoy shopping and lunch at the historical Queen Victoria Market where you can pick up a bargain or taste many treats from different cultures!

Music (Band) Music

(At School) [AM] – 25 places max.
Cost: Nil

Sports at School

(At School) [AM] – 25 places max.
Cost: Nil

Join in some team sports chosen on the day by the group!

History Mystery Activities

(At School) [PM] – 25 places max.
Cost: Nil

You are investigating a history mystery! Historians and archaeologists are continually finding new artefacts, structures, places and documents that tell us more about different cultures and people. However figuring out who made them, how they were made, why were they made and what they were used for can be tough. It is your job to pick a history mystery that hasn’t been solved and investigate possible hypotheses. After finding a history mystery with three possible solutions or explanations, you will write a creative narrative demonstrating the possible hypotheses. The narrative will take the form of a pick your own adventure book, with each hypothesis being a possible ending to the book.

Movies with Mates

(At School) [PM] – 50 places max.
Cost: Nil

Hang out and relax with your friends while watching an old classic or the latest release to DVD (or something in between).

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