Instructional Model

Jarrod Main

Assistant Principal
Year 7 - 9

Mount Erin College uses an Instructional model, to provide a clear structure to each lesson ensuring every class has a similar familiar approach – without removing any of the personality and flair of the individual teacher.

The aim of the Instructional Model is that, for each lesson the student;

  • They know what they are in the lesson for
  • They know what the purpose of the lesson is
  • They know how to achieve success in the lesson
  • They need to reflect at the end of the lesson

Each Lesson is structured with a:

Learning Intentions – A clear statement of the goal of the lesson, what the student should be learning
Success Criteria – Know exactly what success for that class looks like
Do Now – A engaging task that the students undertake immediately after arriving, kickstarting the class.
Learning Activities – This is a broad and different class to class. This is the individual activities that students will undertake to achieve the learning intention
Reflection – At the end of the lesson, students will need to think about the reflection in order to consolidate the information they’ve just absorbed.

It is a prerequisite of our staff to put our lesson plans up onto Compass, 24 hour in advance so that your son or daughter will knows know what the next lot of lessons are.

They will be able to look ahead, what they need to prepare for, what items of equipment they may need to bring to the class so they can be as prepared for those lessons as they possibly can.

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