Wakakirri 2019

Humanity Washed Ashore

Story of the Year Nominee

Story Award

Performance Award

Wearing a red shirt, a lifeless 3-year-old, discovered face down in sand, begged for the world’s attention. In 2015, humanity washed ashore. Yet change and this global crisis seem oceans apart.

An exceptionally emotive performance that encapsulated the hearts of the audience through courageous story telling and incredible choreography” – Kristin Agnoli

People’s Choice Award

The People’s Choice Awards is where the public can vote for their favourite school based on the video made of their performance.

  • Voting for 2019 will open 5 PM (Sydney time) Wednesday 4th September
  • Voting closes 2pm Wednesday 25th September
  • The results will be announced on the Wakakirri Website on October 17th 2019.

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