Athlete Enhancement Program (AEP)

We are delighted to invite students to apply to be part of our Athlete Enhancement Program within our Sports Academy. The College recognises a need to support students that have a passion for playing or leading in sport and are currently performing at their personal best on and off the field.

The Athlete Enhancement Program aims to maximise individual student’s sporting potential. The teachers and facilitators involved in the program recognise the need for students to balance their sport and training commitments with their academic studies.

Our Athlete Enhancement Program facilitates student achievement through promoting health, sport and academic excellence. The Athlete Enhancement Program (AEP) aims to develop future leaders and positive role models in their chosen field.

Immersion days:

Grade 6 Sport Challenge day – Wednesday 4th March 2020

*Please contact the school office for further information.

Applications open for year all 7, 8 & 9 Sports Academy Classes.

Candidates are welcome to apply/reapply for positions available in current AEP classes.

Important 2020 dates:

  • Accepting applications now for 2020
  • Submission date for applications: 29th May 2020
  • Interviews: Term 2 Monday am 15th June & Wednesday am 17th June by appointment. Term 3 interviews TBC.
  • Only Students enrolled at Mount Erin College will receive an offer for the AEP program.
  • Offer dates as per department guidelines: August 2020 TBC – Schools are not allowed to offer before this mandated date.

*Due to the current situation we will be advising parents/students of the interview process. This would conform to social distancing requirements.

Program structure:

Sports coaching & Sports leadership

Fitness training & testing

Sport excursions & challenges

The Athlete Enhancement Program (AEP) offers students the opportunity to:

  • Improve physical performance and prepare physically in our strength and conditioning facility.
  • Increase their theoretical knowledge and understanding of what it takes to become a top athlete and leader.
  • Access weekly morning training sessions.
  • Undertake coaching sessions run by accredited coaches from development programs throughout Victoria.
  • Showcase their potential at inter school sporting competitions and carnivals.
  • Analyse personal performance and movement patterns.
  • Compare personal fitness levels with the expected ‘norms’ for high level sport teams.
  • Participate in ‘Activity Challenge Days’ that encourage teamwork, build self confidence and improve leadership skills.


What do we do?

In addition to regular Health and Physical education curriculum lessons every week AEP (Athlete Enhancement Program) students will receive:

A classwork theory lesson related to sports performance. Areas of study include: goal setting, fitness testing, training regime development, leadership training, and sports nutrition.

A strength & conditioning session with specific fitness training focused on increasing different components such as strength and speed for their chosen sport.

A coaching session with specific skills coaching in their chosen sport as well as  peer to peer coaching focusing on teamwork and communication.

They will undertake the Athlete Enhancement Program (AEP) at Years 7, 8 and 9. Senior students will have the opportunity to access a modified program and maintain their involvement through future pathways at Mount Erin College


The ‘Athlete Enhancement Program’ aims to give the participating students the tools to be better leaders and performers sport. Students will be proactive in their approach and move towards becoming independent in their learning both on and off the field.

At various times during the year they will be involved in ‘Activity Challenge Days’. Previous challenges have included an MCG Tour & National Sports Museum Visit, Victorian Institute of Sport, Peninsula obstacle course, Beach Team Challenge, Dandenong 1000 Steps Challenge.

Students will also perform ‘Fitness testing Days at both Mount Erin College & Monash University. AEP Students are also able to access to ‘morning training’ sessions at school facilities.

To enable this all AEP students will access the same core subjects as all other students however some electives will run over one semester, not two. AEP students will also not be able to access the english enhancement class. Students are always encouraged to seek support from class teachers and attend homework club.




Our current focus sports are AFL, Cricket, Basketball and Netball. The AEP will consider all ‘other sports’ but preference may be given to students playing our core sports. We encourage all to apply.

Our selection process is based on the following key criteria:
Students must maintain this criteria if they wish to remain in the program.

Candidates are welcome to apply for places in current AEP classes and will be added to a reserve list

1. Sporting Ability & Sports Leadership

  • Applicants must have a passion for sport and be performing at their personal best in their chosen sport
  • Have the potential to play at a higher level and be sports leader
  • Desire to enhance personal and team performance at a higher level
  • Leadership qualities
  • Exhibits commitment to personal development

2. Academic Achievement

  • Consistently achieving satisfactory results in all subject areas.
  • Yr 7-9 applicants must be performing at relevant VELS standard or above across all subject areas (consolidating).

3. Interpersonal Development

  • Attitude to learning and behaviour must be positive across all subjects.
  • Meet Mount Erin College’s acronym ASPIRE.


Social Awareness

Personal Best





Our selection process is based on the following key criteria.

  • Applicants must complete the initial application form and submit it to the MEC Administration office or online,
  • After your application has been received, you will be contacted in due course by the College to book an interview and be advised of the requirements for that interview.
  • At interview (or prior) you must bring with you a Sport Academy Portfolio.
  • Sport Academy Portfolio requirements – all documents MUST be photocopies

    Cover Photo

    • Handwritten letter outlining why you would like to be in program

    • Past sporting achievements

    • Samples of work that you are proud of

    • Last two school reports

    • Year 5 NAPLAN results. Students should be at their level standard.

    • Any other awards and achievements

    • Recommendation letter for the program (teacher & coach)

  • Students not successful will be placed on a group reserve list. This group list may be reviewed when spaces are available and suitable candidates contacted.

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