The Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program (SEAL) is a Department of Education initiative available in only a select number of nominated secondary schools. Mount Erin College is one of only 36 schools in Victoria accredited to deliver the SEAL program. This program follows a stringent accreditation process, and enables greater opportunity in curriculum breadth and depth, excursions and programs offered, as well as collaboration with connecting SEAL schools. This comprehensive program is specifically designed to advance the academic, creative and leadership potential of highly able students.


  • A faster paced curriculum which is non-repetitive.
  • Provides opportunities to reach more abstract, complex, and in-depth content within a subject area.
  • Enables students to function independently to reach their academic potential, and to strive for excellence within a supportive and engaging environment.
  • A learning environment which emphasises students working cooperatively with their intellectual peers.


  1. Completed SEAL Student Application form and Parent Evaluation form available below to complete online or download to fill in and submit in person.
  2. Grade 6 Teacher Evaluation form (sent directly to the Primary School or teacher requested to submit online application through this website).
  3. Provide any relevant documentation that reflects your child’s learning and development to help us personalise their learning journey – NAPLAN, school reports, references, etc.
  4. All SEAL candidates must complete formal SEAL testing.
  5. Upon invitation, SEAL applicants present a portfolio of work and accomplishments for discussion in an interview with the SEAL coordinator/s.

If a student is deemed suitable for the Mount Erin College SEAL program, the offer of a PLACE will be made via an official College letter. It is crucial that parents accept this offer as soon as possible, as places in the SEAL program are highly sought after and availability in the class are LIMITED.

Entrance procedures for SEAL Program 2022
Testing for entry into Year 7 in 2022 will be held during Term 2, 2021.

Entrance Testing for first round offers is yet to be confirmed.

Grade 6 students will need to complete and submit the application form either online or by downloading the form below before registering for the testing day. Registrations for the testing day (TBC) can be made at Front Reception on 5971 6000, or via SEAL Coordinator Carolyn Scott

Limited spaces are available for students wishing to apply for the SEAL program for Years 8 – 10. Please contact the SEAL Coordinator for further information – Carolyn Scott

Important dates:

by 14th May, 2021

Applications Due

Written applications and supporting evidence to be submitted to the General Office

by 14th May, 2021

June, 2021


Arts Academy Applicant Interviews will take place (Appointment times will be allocated).

June, 2021

after 5th August, 2021


Successful applicants will be notified with a letter of acceptance 

after 5th August, 2021

Term 3

Second round offers

Term 3


Students will be offered a place in the SEAL Program, based on:

  • Evidence of high academic ability and potential for extension,
  • A mature, engaged and highly motivated attitude towards achieving success in SEAL,
  • A willingness to participate in college leadership—as a contributor and role-model for other students,
  • A clear and focused commitment to the SEAL program— accepting the expectations of exemplary behaviour, attendance and consistently high academic and personal achievement.


The selection process to identify students suited to our SEAL Program includes

  • Formal on-line testing in language, reading and comprehension, and numeracy, which will determine the student’s academic level, and their potential for accelerated learning
  • An interview with the student, who presents a portfolio of schooling achievements, demonstrating their level of maturity and commitment to the SEAL Program
  • In conjunction with test results and outcome of interview – and when making the final decision to offer a place in SEAL—the following aspects are considered: – 
  • The information provided by the student’s primary school teacher, regarding the student’s academic standards,
  • The information provided by the student’s parents discussing their child’s strengths and suitability,
  • The information provided by the student explaining their potential, abilities and ambitions.

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