eSports Club

  • Meet new friends

    Meet people who are interested in gaming just like you!

    The club has an inclusive and friendly atmosphere which is perfect for meeting new friends.

  • Improve your game

    Our eSports club focus’ on reasonable goal setting and review. Through Peer and Mentor Feedback, we hope to improve your gaming skills while also developing your own goal setting and reviewing skills!


    At Mount Erin we ASPIRE; The eSport club models these values and expects all our members to follow them, in or outside the game!

  • Sportsmanship

    Sportsmanship is a code of acceptable behaviour for players to abide by in their pursuit of fair play. “Sportsmanship” refers to the set of values and the series of skills driving appropriate behaviour in social situations involving sports, play and competition. We’ve identified six core aspects of sportsmanship to help students identify a clear path to building a healthy online attitude and positive behaviours.

    The six aspects of sportsmanship are:

    • Team-oriented mindset
    • Respect
    • Discipline
    • Responsibility
    • Resilience
    • Positive attitude