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To contact any of our school team please phone the college on 03 5971 6000 or email mount.erin.sc@edumail.vic.gov.au

Our College Captains

Shanae Bond

College Captain

In 2018 I would like the year 12’s to have an environment at school where they feel comfortable, find it easy to study and learn and can enjoy themselves in. I would like to see the relationships between the students in the year level develop further, through activities and challenges we can participate in together, as well as teachers and students. Most of all I hope every single year 12 student has a memorable and fun year.

Jayden Holland

College Captain

I would like to start by thanking you all for your support, and I am honoured to be a College Captain for 2018. To be a College Captain is something I have always wanted to achieve, and now, given the opportunity, I will put 110% in to ensuring that we have the greatest time in our final schooling year. For the next year, I will work hard with the other captains in order to improve our study spaces, our classroom environments and relationships, and help see the things the year level would like to accomplish, be achieved. I would like to see the cohort become a close-knit unit, a team that works together in the coming light of our final exams. Most of all, I would like to see this year level achieve great things. To see students reaching and surpassing their goals, striving towards their own sense of greatness and satisfaction. To see students excited about their futures, and working towards them with earnest. The year 12 cohort of 2018 has amazing potential, a potential I’m sure we captains cannot wait to see be reached.

Jordan Desmond

College Captain

My name is Jordan Desmond and I’m one of the four college captains for 2018. To be given this role is something I’m extremely honoured about and very proud to have. For the year 11’s currently soon to be year 12’s, we all have a massive year ahead. As a college captain, I hope to make this year is smooth as possible for our cohort. Whether that means offering extra time to sit and have a chat about anything that’s on their mind, taking any issues they may have to fellow teachers or principles, creating relaxation and study days in conjunction with the fellow college captains and students, I’m more than willing to do this. It won’t be an easy year for anyone but I hope with the help of all four captains, I believe that we can unite as a cohort and work together to see everyone ASPIRE and achieve everyone’s goals and aspirations. Being a role model and to some extent, the student voice of the college, I’m excited to work with all four of the 2018 College Captains and endeavour to be the best captain I can be for Mount Erin College and its community.

Alice Yates

College Captain

Home Group Teachers

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7ACourtney Bray
7BPeter Zwiersen
7CChristina Adams
7DRebecca Love
7ESandra Clarke-Jones
7FJanice Townsend
7GPushpa Prasad
7HTim Miller
7IJackie Lewis
8AKylie Dwyer
8BJess Etcell
8CCameron Young
8DSamantha Wake
8EGordon Manks
8FAlex Robinson
8GMelissa Andrews
9ACarolyn Scott
9BChris Collins
9CWayne Agg
9DSam Webster
9EJenny Pudney
9FAndrew Roberts
9GMark Bowler
10AVanessa Leslie
10BRyan Jones
10CIan Bowers
10DJohn Kenyon
10EToni Barrett
10FCheryl Millership
10GIan Hutcheson
11AKaren Sherlock
11BRobert McCafferty
11CJodie Van Gameren
11DCraig Blake
11EHannah McKinlay
11FIan Garnett
11GRos Nimmo
12AMichael Caspar
12BFiona Tonizzo
12CLucy Joyce
12DCoral Byron
12EPaul Deacon

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